ULOTC Sub Units

Royal Artillery Troop

The Royal Artillery provides firepower and support for the army on its operations.

Although there is a range of weapons available to the army, OTC units train with the L118 Light gun, and the organisation and deployment of The University of London Gun Troop is the same as for a regular army Light Gun unit. The Gun Troop is made of 4 independent detachments – each sub-unit fulfils a different role and interact to complete the sucessful deployment of the Gun Troop, and engagement of the enemy. Every single member of the troop has a specific function within one of these units, requiring specialist and demanding training and qualification.

KGVI, (the King George 6th Competition), is the annual Inter-OTC Gunnery Competition where these skills are put to the test. (train hard, win easy). This competition is held in an additional week’s camp over the summer holidays, in close proximity and competition with the other UOTC Gun Troops.

Royal Armoured Corps Troop

Seven Troop Royal Armoured Corps is the latest addition to B Coy in the ULOTC. Forming one of the largest troops in the unit, the RAC is made up of both male and female cadets who want to make use of their infantry knowledge, as well as learning a wide range of new skills.

At the start of the year, our cadets are trained to drive and operate in Landrovers, before learning the basic reconnaissance tactics that enable us to stealthily find and fight the enemy before they reach our front lines. This includes mounted and dismounted observation posts, hides and close target reconnaissance missions (CTRs). Landrovers especially enable us to get as close as possible to enemy positions without being seen.

As the RAC is also required to work and survive on foot, our training is always combined with infantry skills and tactics. Fitness and basic military skills are a must. Each year our knowledge, prowess and style are then put to the test at the annual inter-OTC RAC competition. 2003 became a defining year for the Troop as we proudly claimed the winners’ cup.

We also take time to travel to Bovington Camp and visit front line armoured regiments, equipped with state of the art Challenger 2 main battle tanks and Scimitar close quarter reconnaissance vehicles. Cadets can then put their own skills to the test in tank simulators and are treated with a Challenger 2 live firing display.

The most demanding aspect of the RAC is our social calendar. Adventure training plays a major part in our team bonding and teaches the cadets to conquer fears they never thought they had (take a look at our photo page if you don’t believe us!). The RAC annual dinner is never without its classic moments, and the troop members can be spotted throughout the year bowling, dining out and becoming excellent equestrians.

Royal Engineers Troop

1 Troop focuses exclusively on the role of the Royal Engineers, who provide specialist engineer support for the British Army. The troop’s training reflects the diversity of the ‘sappers’ role and includes bridge building, watermanship training, bomb disposal (left) and demolition

One of the highlights of the year is the annual trip to Minley for the RE inter-OTC competition. The troop competes with other teams from up to fifteen other OTCs from around the country in several areas with a social function rounding off a fantastic weekend.

Other activities the engineers are responsible for are the MACC task (Military Aid to the Civil Community), and the Charity Challenge. The Engineers welcome anybody who likes to do something a little bit different while having a lot of fun!

Infantry Platoon

The Infantry Platoon takes the training developed in MTQ 1 & MTQ 2 to new levels. A greater focus on personal skills and infantry tactics are employed to develop your fighting abilities.The Infantry Platoon will carry out a full and varied training package this year. As well as Infantry lessons and PT being carried out on training nights we will also be doing the following: FIBUA (Fighting in built up areas), Survival training, Underwater escape training (from helicopters), Shooting camp, Graduate Warrior.

Special training to include grenade throwing.This Platoon is not for the faint hearted but anyone who is willing to give it their best is always welcome in the brotherhood / sisterhood.

REME Troop

The REME Troop is responsible for the maintenance and wellbeing of our vehicles, this tends to include aside from general maintenance, vital rescue of vehicles in the field.14 Troop Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) provide the support for all the OTC’s equipment, from rifles through to land rovers, both on exercise and on training nights. Tuesday evenings are spent training, learning basic vehicle maintenance and other such skills that are vital in OTC but also transfer to being useful skills in normal life.

Weekends are spent in a variety of ways: supporting another OTC troop’s exercise, which frequently involves vehicle recovery, acting as enemy, or on specific REME troop exercises such as visits to other regular and TA units or their exercises. If there are spaces, and there often are, all the different troops’ weekends are available for everyone which allows a good spread of training. REME’s motto is ‘Arte et marte’ which means ‘By skill and by fighting’ so REME troops are soldiers first and tradesmen second which means there is always a chance to brush up on your field skills.

Also a big part of the troop is adventure training. We went walking and scrambling in Snowdonia with other OTCs for a weekend and other weekends are planned for this coming year. Other adventure training trips are available for the entire unit, ranging from skiing to white-water rafting which are all available to 14 Troop members.

Royal Logistic Corps Troop

If you are looking for a challenge whilst at university then look no further than 8 troop RLC, 8 Troop Royal Logistic Corps is the only RLC troop within the UK’s 19 OTC’s. The troop is looking for high quality, well-motivated individuals who don’t want to spend their weekends doing ‘run of the mill activities’.

We want you to work hard, play hard, have fun and experience some of the many activities that the largest Corps in the British Army can offer. The troop gets to use a variety of Army vehicles from Land Rovers to Chinooks, and has even been parachuting with the RLC Silver Stars parachute display team, flying with the Air Despatch in Hercules aircraft, driver training, military training and plenty of social activities to name but a few.

Troop members will also have the opportunity to gain a driving licence and may go on to upgrade their licence to drive minibuses and Large Goods Vehicles, up to LGV Class 1. The troop will also train you to drive, operate and maintain Land Rovers both on and off road by day and night, not for the faint hearted! If you like the sound of 8 Troop RLC and are ready for a real challenge then e-mail the ULOTC and visit us soon, we’re waiting for you.

Royal Corps of Signals Troop

The Signals Troop provides the communications needs for the OTC, each signaller possesses an in-depth knowledge of the communications systems in use as well as their repair in the event that something goes wrong.

Last year the ULOTC Signal Troop won the inter-UOTC Lightning Strike competition.