Officer Cadet Profiles

Officer Cadet Profiles

The following Officer Cadets have recently completed the ULOTC’s first year basic training programme. They have also just finished the first year of a university degree course in London. Find out what they have to say about their experiences in these sixty-second interviews.

James Hollas
Kings College London
War Studies

Having completed basic training (Athlone Company) in 1 platoon, James has now joined the ULOTC Royal Logistic Corps troop. His highlights include air despatch and urban conflict training.

Elaine Radcliffe
Kings College London

Elaine joined the ULOTC in September 2004 and will shortly be a qualified Physical Training Instructor. Among Elaine’s highlights are the tough Final Training Exercise at the end of first year training, and the annual Christmas Ball.

Lallin Navaratne
University College London

Lallin completed Athlone Company basic training in 2 platoon, and has joined the ULOTC’s Infantry platoon for Year 2 training. The Infantry platoon teaches specialist tactics such as urban combat and survival techniques.