Who are we?
The ULOTC is a group of university students from all across London and the South east coming together to learn about the life of an Army Officer.

What do we do?
From weapons training to survival skills, broad military training is the basis. We do adventurous training and get to travel overseas, and attend formal military social events.

When is training?
Training takes place every Tuesday night after lectures, and one weekend per month, although your commitment can be more or less.

Am I going to war?No – there is no ‘call-up’ liability. At all.

Do I have to join the Army afterwards?
No, but it is a good place to start a military career. About 20% of Officer Cadets join either the Regular or Territorial Army afterwards

How long do I have to join up for?
There is no minimum requirement. Most join for about two years, but you can leave at any time.

How fit do I have to be?
You need a basic standard of fitness, but you don’t need to be an athelete. The fitter you are, the more you’ll get out of the weekend exercises.

Most importantly – what about pay?
For all your hard work you get £32.37 per day in your back pocket – your travel costs are reimbursed too. You also get a bonus of £120 if you complete a full year.