About Us

What is the ULOTC?
Founded in 1909, the University of London Officers Training Corps (ULOTC) is a Territorial Army unit and part of the University of London.

The ULOTC is open only to university undergraduates studying in London and the surrounding area. Those who join will undertake a broad range of training, from military skills to adventurous pursuits, leadership tactics to survival techniques, and fitness training to marksmanship. There is no obligation to join the Regular Army, and no ‘call-up’ liability exists.

Military Training
In your first year you will complete the Military Training Qualification Level 1 (MTQ1), which is equivalent to a soldier’s basic training. It’s an exciting and challenging year, and is a world away from your university studies.

The instructors are Regular and Territorial Army Officers and soldiers, and experienced Officer Cadets. On training nights (Tuesdays) you will learn the skills needed to take part in the weekend exercises. There is usually about one weekend exercise per month – the exercises are tough, unforgiving, and usually cold; but enormously rewarding.

Towards the end of the second term, a final training exercise will put all your new skills to the test. Probably the most arduous of the first year exercises, you will be thrown into an array of situations from a casualty evacuation to attacking an enemy position.
After this, preparation begins for the two-week Annual camp, which takes place toward the end of June. On this you will further improve your military skills, participate in live firing, and do some adventurous training.

Adventurous Training
Sports, expeditions, and adventurous training is a big part of ULOTC life. Officer Cadets have the opportunity to ski, scuba dive, rock climbing, even parachuting. Few other London students get the opportunity to take part in such active outdoor pursuits, and it is a key aspect of the ULO

Previous expeditions have taken students scuba diving to the Red Sea, skiing in the Alps, even jumping out of a plane in Canada. Click ‘Expeditions’ on the left to find out more.

Social Life
The ULOTC also has a much more relaxed, sociable side. The Annual Dinner is a chance for all Officer Cadets to get dressed up and experience a Regimental mess dinner night. This provides an opportunity to meet and chat with Officers from a wide range of regiments in both the TA and Regular Army. Nights like this are considered part of your training, and therefore you are paid to take part. In addition to this there are numerous other social events throughout the year. Ranging from the sophisticated annual cocktail party to the notorious platoon socials. All of these events allow Officer Cadets to relax and get to know each other – and meet a variety of people from different military backgrounds. The ULOTC mess is open every night after training, with a cheaper bar than most Student Unions…